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About Acupuncture Practice Insights

Acupuncture Practice Insights is the brainchild of Lynn Jaffee, a licensed acupuncturist, author, and public speaker. Lynn’s vision is to provide information that will help you build your acupuncture practice in a way that feels genuine and comfortable.

However you define success, whether it's measured in the number of patients per week, net income, or work/life balance, you should be able to work in a profession that you love, make a living, and not burn out. At Acupuncture Practice Insights, you'll find articles, tips, and support that will help you grow your practice, find success, and enjoy the process.

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simple steps book

The pamphlets in your waiting room are a good start, but some patients want more--and the more they know, the more they will talk about acupuncture and your services.

Now you can offer your patients a plain explanation of Chinese medicine through Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health. Written by acupuncturist Lynn Jaffee, this short and easy-to-read book offers a clear and understandable description of Chinese medicine with assessments, steps for self-care, and answers to common questions about acupuncture.

Acupuncture for Your Practice

I have always been a big fan of the idea that many small changes yield big results. It’s a philosophy I discuss with my patients on a daily basis. I don’t believe that there is one single reason that a person gets sick; it’s more like a perfect storm of factors that bring most patients to my door. Likewise, it is usually not one single remedy that makes them better. It is a combination of small things like acupuncture combined with herbs, better sleep, . . . → Read More: Acupuncture for Your Practice

Be Outstanding

Outstanding acupuncturist

As acupuncturists, we all strive to be really good at what we do…to be outstanding in some way or another.  While it’s certainly easier to just do what you do and attract the kinds of patients that you attract, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or hard work to have really happy patients.  You know…the kind that actually gush about what you do.  This became very clear to me on a recent trip out of town.

My husband and I were in Tucson last month for our son’s . . . → Read More: Be Outstanding

Fine Tune Your Acupuncture Practice in the New Year

The New Year is an important time for your acupuncture practice. It is a time of reflection as well as a time for looking forward.  Most people take stock of their lives during the New Year, but as a practitioner of acupuncture, it’s important to take stock of your practice as well. 

My practice partner, Shelley, and I set aside a day early each January for a clinic retreat, which is an excuse to go out and have a really good, long lunch.  Besides . . . → Read More: Fine Tune Your Acupuncture Practice in the New Year

Tonify Your Practice in the New Year

It’s a new year, and if you’re like most people, you may take a little time to reflect on the past twelve months and look ahead to the new year with optimism.  If you weren’t as busy as you would have liked it to be, it’s time to think about tonifying your practice.

In terms of Chinese medicine, tonification is the process of building up, nourishing, or making stronger.  If you had some serious holes in your schedule during the past year, then yes, . . . → Read More: Tonify Your Practice in the New Year

The Yin and Yang of Your Acupuncture Practice

If you’ve been in practice for any length of time, you know that the pace of your patient visits ebbs and flows.  If you’re a new practitioner, you’ll find this to be true soon enough.

This ebb and flow is normal, and can be considered the natural swing between Yin and Yang.  The Yang component is when you’re so busy that you have a waiting list of patients who want to book an appointment.  You’re active and engaged and your days in the clinic . . . → Read More: The Yin and Yang of Your Acupuncture Practice

It's In the Details

When I go to Beth to get my hair cut, she knows exactly what I need.  I’ve been working all day, and so she gives me a scalp and neck massage as soon as I get into the chair, and I melt.  When I was thinking about buying a kayak, Beth let me borrow hers first to check it out before I decided.  Seriously!

Kay is my accountant.  Last month she called me just to make sure I got my quarterly taxes on their . . . → Read More: It's In the Details

Sometimes You Just Need to Let Go

When I was building my practice, this happened to me more than once:  A new patient would call to set up an appointment and leave a message.  (I don’t have an office assistant, but return all of my calls within the hour—usually less.)  Anyhow, I’d write their name and number on a Post-it note and return their call.  If I didn’t reach them, I’d leave a message and keep the Post-it for awhile.  If after a few days they hadn’t called back, I might . . . → Read More: Sometimes You Just Need to Let Go

Why Patients Don't Come Back

Do you ever wonder about that woman you treated twice who never came back?  Or how about that guy who was going to call you to set up his next appointment but he never did?

If every person who ever walked through your clinic door called you whenever they had aches and pains or insomnia, you would never need to market again.  But the reality is that many patients don’t come back, and most of the time you don’t know why.

Sometimes, however, you . . . → Read More: Why Patients Don't Come Back

Customer Satisfaction

Several months ago, I was checking my listing in Google Places, and came across a chiropractic clinic that offered acupuncture that was also listed in my locale.  They had one review under their listing, so out of curiosity, I checked it out. 

The review was extremely negative, completely panning the clinic.  Apparently, the clinic had misrepresented how much the patient’s insurance would cover, did not give the patient any idea of the cost of treatments, and after their insurance didn’t pay, socked the patient with . . . → Read More: Customer Satisfaction

How is Your Practice Doing?

I like to connect with other practitioners on a regular basis.  It’s a great way to share ideas, solve problems, and energize.  Today I was in the office of a woman who is a wonderful healer.  She just moved into new space, and had finished painting and was putting the finishing touches on her décor.

During the course of our conversation, she shared that she is in the process of hiring someone to set up and run all of her accounting and office systems.  . . . → Read More: How is Your Practice Doing?