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About Acupuncture Practice Insights

Acupuncture Practice Insights is the brainchild of Lynn Jaffee, a licensed acupuncturist, author, and public speaker. Lynn’s vision is to provide information that will help you build your acupuncture practice in a way that feels genuine and comfortable.

However you define success, whether it's measured in the number of patients per week, net income, or work/life balance, you should be able to work in a profession that you love, make a living, and not burn out. At Acupuncture Practice Insights, you'll find articles, tips, and support that will help you grow your practice, find success, and enjoy the process.

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Acupuncture Health Insights

simple steps book

The pamphlets in your waiting room are a good start, but some patients want more--and the more they know, the more they will talk about acupuncture and your services.

Now you can offer your patients a plain explanation of Chinese medicine through Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health. Written by acupuncturist Lynn Jaffee, this short and easy-to-read book offers a clear and understandable description of Chinese medicine with assessments, steps for self-care, and answers to common questions about acupuncture.

How to Reduce Missed Appointments

On time acupuncture patients

If you have your own acupuncture practice, you know that patients failing to show up for their appointment comes with the territory. Personally, there is nothing more frustrating than booking an early morning patient, hauling my butt out of bed before the sun is up, and getting to the clinic only to have the patient not show up and not call.

It’s irritating when patients don’t show up for a couple of reasons. First, it represents a loss of income for that booked time. . . . → Read More: How to Reduce Missed Appointments

Use Feng Shui to Boost Your Acupuncture Practice

Using Feng Shui to Build your Business

Almost fifteen years ago, I opened a clinic with two other acupuncturists. It took an agonizing amount of time for the three of us to decide on paint and carpet colors, art work, and who would work in which of the treatment rooms. One of the practitioners spent a great deal of time analyzing the Feng Shui of her treatment space, measuring angles, determining wall orientations, and divining where exactly to place furniture. At the time, I thought it was a little silly, and . . . → Read More: Use Feng Shui to Boost Your Acupuncture Practice

Making It as an Acupuncturist

Acupuncture business success

Yesterday I had lunch with a couple of colleagues—acupuncturists who have been practicing for decades. After catching up on what was going on in each of our lives, the conversation turned to the recent story of Southwestern College of Acupuncture in New Mexico that has received failing marks from the US Department of Education. Based on a ratio of student debt to earnings after graduation, Southwestern College was cited for failing to prepare its acupuncture students well enough to find jobs that earn enough . . . → Read More: Making It as an Acupuncturist

Keep Your Practice Healthy Through the Holidays

Acupuncture practice tips

In the early years of my acupuncture practice, the holiday season was like the kiss of death for my appointment book. It seemed like every single patient forgot I existed. Over the years, I’ve learned a couple of things. One is that I shouldn’t take it personally; people are preoccupied. The other, more important thing is that there are a number of things that you can do to keep your patient numbers steady during this time of year. Here are a few ideas and . . . → Read More: Keep Your Practice Healthy Through the Holidays

Reaching Critical Mass in Your Acupuncture Practice

During my last year of acupuncture school, my fellow students and I spent a lot of time being confused about not only what we would do once we graduated, but also how we would do it. This was about fifteen years ago, when my choice on graduating was pretty much to open my own clinic or…open my own clinic. There weren’t many of the hospital and clinic jobs that exist today, and very few existing acupuncturists had grown enough yet to hire a second . . . → Read More: Reaching Critical Mass in Your Acupuncture Practice

Is Letting Go the Key to Success?

Marketing Acupuncture

I’m a problem solver. If something’s wrong or needs fixing, I’m your person. I like to figure out a plan and then put the plan into motion. When I started my acupuncture practice fourteen years ago, I figured that building a clientele just meant working smart and working hard. In those early years, I gave a lot of talks, participated in health fairs, wrote a lot of free articles, and never said no to any networking opportunities.

I felt that if my schedule wasn’t full, . . . → Read More: Is Letting Go the Key to Success?

Acupuncture for Your Practice

I have always been a big fan of the idea that many small changes yield big results. It’s a philosophy I discuss with my patients on a daily basis. I don’t believe that there is one single reason that a person gets sick; it’s more like a perfect storm of factors that bring most patients to my door. Likewise, it is usually not one single remedy that makes them better. It is a combination of small things like acupuncture combined with herbs, better sleep, . . . → Read More: Acupuncture for Your Practice

How Much Does Acupuncture Really Cost?

I just saw this article on a website called Nerd Wallet on how much acupuncture costs around the U.S. The information is calculated on data from a website called okcopay and is based on what patients are paying out of pocket. They are saying that the median cost of an acupuncture session in this country is $100.

My first thought? I’m not charging enough. However, I did a little digging, and actually found this article to be a little misleading. Here are a few . . . → Read More: How Much Does Acupuncture Really Cost?

Acupuncturists: There are Apps for That!

When I was an acupuncture student, I used all kinds of tricks to remember diagnoses, patterns, herbs, and formulas.  I devised funny little songs, images, creative scenarios, flash cards, and even noises to help me remember the layers and layers of knowledge that we were supposed to know.  What I would have liked is all that information in one place, without carrying a complete library around with me.

Well, now that information exists in the form of three apps developed by Complete TCM.  Full . . . → Read More: Acupuncturists: There are Apps for That!

Seven Things to Know About a Report of Findings

Over the years in my acupuncture practice I have struggled to find effective ways to present my findings and treatment plan to my acupuncture patients. This struggle is punctuated by drawers of archived files of patients who came for only one or two treatments, never to return. I have tried many different formulas of reporting my findings from simply explaining the Chinese diagnosis to providing a written formal report. After many failed attempts, I finally settled on a sweet spot that seems to be . . . → Read More: Seven Things to Know About a Report of Findings