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About Acupuncture Practice Insights

Acupuncture Practice Insights is the brainchild of Lynn Jaffee, a licensed acupuncturist, author, and public speaker. Lynn’s vision is to provide information that will help you build your acupuncture practice in a way that feels genuine and comfortable.

However you define success, whether it's measured in the number of patients per week, net income, or work/life balance, you should be able to work in a profession that you love, make a living, and not burn out. At Acupuncture Practice Insights, you'll find articles, tips, and support that will help you grow your practice, find success, and enjoy the process.

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Acupuncture Health Insights

simple steps book

The pamphlets in your waiting room are a good start, but some patients want more--and the more they know, the more they will talk about acupuncture and your services.

Now you can offer your patients a plain explanation of Chinese medicine through Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health. Written by acupuncturist Lynn Jaffee, this short and easy-to-read book offers a clear and understandable description of Chinese medicine with assessments, steps for self-care, and answers to common questions about acupuncture.

Blogging to Build Your Acupuncture Practice

How blogging can build your acupuncture practice

Many acupuncturists and complimentary care providers will admit that they’re uncomfortable with the idea of marketing. Most have chosen their profession because they want to help people, not because they want to run a business or sell their services. A few even ignore marketing altogether, but doing so severely limits their ability to run a successful practice.

The reality is that marketing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy expensive ads or do a hard sell. There are a number of ways to . . . → Read More: Blogging to Build Your Acupuncture Practice

Keep Your Practice Healthy Through the Holidays

Acupuncture practice tips

In the early years of my acupuncture practice, the holiday season was like the kiss of death for my appointment book. It seemed like every single patient forgot I existed. Over the years, I’ve learned a couple of things. One is that I shouldn’t take it personally; people are preoccupied. The other, more important thing is that there are a number of things that you can do to keep your patient numbers steady during this time of year. Here are a few ideas and . . . → Read More: Keep Your Practice Healthy Through the Holidays

Reaching Critical Mass in Your Acupuncture Practice

During my last year of acupuncture school, my fellow students and I spent a lot of time being confused about not only what we would do once we graduated, but also how we would do it. This was about fifteen years ago, when my choice on graduating was pretty much to open my own clinic or…open my own clinic. There weren’t many of the hospital and clinic jobs that exist today, and very few existing acupuncturists had grown enough yet to hire a second . . . → Read More: Reaching Critical Mass in Your Acupuncture Practice

Is Letting Go the Key to Success?

Marketing Acupuncture

I’m a problem solver. If something’s wrong or needs fixing, I’m your person. I like to figure out a plan and then put the plan into motion. When I started my acupuncture practice fourteen years ago, I figured that building a clientele just meant working smart and working hard. In those early years, I gave a lot of talks, participated in health fairs, wrote a lot of free articles, and never said no to any networking opportunities.

I felt that if my schedule wasn’t full, . . . → Read More: Is Letting Go the Key to Success?

Four Acupuncture Marketing Strategies for Getting Found Online

Your new acupuncture practice is up and ready to roll. You’ve found a great space to rent, have equipped yourself with table, needles, and office supplies. Or maybe you’re clinic has been open for a while. You’re ready for the phone to start ringing so you can help people feel better. Unfortunately, you’re faced with one of the toughest challenges for practitioners everywhere–how to get new patients into your clinic?  Fifteen or twenty years ago it may have been as simple as a yellow . . . → Read More: Four Acupuncture Marketing Strategies for Getting Found Online

Top Ten Acupuncture Practice Building Tips

Lately I find myself making a lot of lists…things like my most memorable meals, the most interesting places I’ve visited, things I still want to do, and all of the good things for which I’m grateful. While I’m in this list-making mode, I decided to create a list in this post of my best acupuncture practice building tips. This is based on the best advice I’ve ever received, or those painful lessons learned the hard way. Regardless of how they were learned, these are . . . → Read More: Top Ten Acupuncture Practice Building Tips

Talking About Acupuncture

Acupuncture marketing

The world is split into two kinds of people: those who are able get up and give a talk, and those who can’t. I understand that there are many of you out there who would rather spend the night in a snake pit than get up in front of a room full of people and talk. For those who would rather sleep with snakes, this post is for you.

The reality is that giving a talk about acupuncture is a great way to build . . . → Read More: Talking About Acupuncture

Avoid the Summer Slump: Top Six Tips

Six Tips for Marketing Your Acupuncture Practice

It seems to happen in my acupuncture practice every summer. For a couple of weeks, my phones quit ringing and I have some empty spots in my schedule. This tends to happen right after Memorial Day, but picks up again in July.

I have learned not to take it personally, and to accept that my patients’ minds are on vacation, school aged kids at home, and family picnics. I have also come to trust that my patient load will pick up. However, that doesn’t . . . → Read More: Avoid the Summer Slump: Top Six Tips

Lessons Learned from Opening My Acupuncture Clinic

Advertising your acupuncture clinic?

I love questions and comments from other acupuncturists! This one came in from James L. this week:

Hello Lynn!

I love your website and I probably read all your articles! I am currently a massage therapist and soon to be an acupuncturist. I’ve been in the health care field for a couple of years and planning to open my very own clinic soon!  I was wondering if you had any wise advice for me. I’m trying to connect with other acupuncturists online to see . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned from Opening My Acupuncture Clinic

Should You Self-Publish Your Book?

Books about acupuncture and Chinese medicine

I get calls from time to time from people I don’t know. They’re friends of friends, or someone who heard about me because I’ve written a book. They’ve written a book too, or they’re thinking about it, but their story is the same; they want to know if they should publish their book themselves.

My goal has never been to write a best seller. In fact, I didn’t really set out to write a book at all; it really evolved from a lack of . . . → Read More: Should You Self-Publish Your Book?