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About Acupuncture Practice Insights

Acupuncture Practice Insights is the brainchild of Lynn Jaffee, a licensed acupuncturist, author, and public speaker. Lynn’s vision is to provide information that will help you build your acupuncture practice in a way that feels genuine and comfortable.

However you define success, whether it's measured in the number of patients per week, net income, or work/life balance, you should be able to work in a profession that you love, make a living, and not burn out. At Acupuncture Practice Insights, you'll find articles, tips, and support that will help you grow your practice, find success, and enjoy the process.

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simple steps book

The pamphlets in your waiting room are a good start, but some patients want more--and the more they know, the more they will talk about acupuncture and your services.

Now you can offer your patients a plain explanation of Chinese medicine through Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health. Written by acupuncturist Lynn Jaffee, this short and easy-to-read book offers a clear and understandable description of Chinese medicine with assessments, steps for self-care, and answers to common questions about acupuncture.

Acupuncture Marketing for Introverts

Intention in building your acupuncture practice

I spent a couple of hours at a very fun party in downtown Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. It was to celebrate a dear friend’s anniversary of ten years in business. The food was unique and delicious, the drinks were abundant, and the band was a lot of fun. I spent much of the evening schmoozing with friends, overeating, and listening to the band. However, at a certain point, about three hours into the bash, I was done. I’d had enough; I needed . . . → Read More: Acupuncture Practice Marketing for Introverts

Your Acupuncture Clinic: Insurance Provider or Cash Practice?

Acupuncture clinic: insurance provider or cash practice?

I’ve been in practice as an acupuncturist for over eight years.  I share clinic space with Shelley, who is also an LAc.  We both have cash practices, and from time to time Shelley and I revisit the conversation about whether or not we should accept insurance payments.

This past week I read an article in the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine newspaper that strengthened our decision to remain a cash practice.  (From the Trenches: The Case for Insurance; Oriental Medicine, Spring 2012 p. 9)  Interestingly the author, Jennifer Moffitt, . . . → Read More: Your Acupuncture Clinic: Insurance Provider or Cash Practice?

Is Print Advertising a Good Idea?

Is print advertising a good idea?

About a month ago, I received a call from a man who was selling advertising in a small magazine.  The magazine would be distributed free of charge to customers at two Whole Foods stores in my area.  This intrigued me because the health-conscious people who shop at Whole Foods tend to be a good target market for acupuncturists.

My practice partner, Shelley, and I agreed to meet with this gentleman for a few minutes. When he came, he showed us the publication, told us . . . → Read More: Is Print Advertising a Good Idea?