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About Acupuncture Practice Insights

Acupuncture Practice Insights is the brainchild of Lynn Jaffee, a licensed acupuncturist, author, and public speaker. Lynn’s vision is to provide information that will help you build your acupuncture practice in a way that feels genuine and comfortable.

However you define success, whether it's measured in the number of patients per week, net income, or work/life balance, you should be able to work in a profession that you love, make a living, and not burn out. At Acupuncture Practice Insights, you'll find articles, tips, and support that will help you grow your practice, find success, and enjoy the process.

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simple steps book

The pamphlets in your waiting room are a good start, but some patients want more--and the more they know, the more they will talk about acupuncture and your services.

Now you can offer your patients a plain explanation of Chinese medicine through Simple Steps: The Chinese Way to Better Health. Written by acupuncturist Lynn Jaffee, this short and easy-to-read book offers a clear and understandable description of Chinese medicine with assessments, steps for self-care, and answers to common questions about acupuncture.

Make Acupuncture a Low Risk Choice

Our ex-governor, Jesse Ventura is back in the news lately.  It seems he doesn’t appreciate the pat down at the airport and has been making a big stink.  The short version is that he wants the scanning, frisking, and shoe-removing at airport security to stop or he’s threatening to (I’m serious) run for president or move to Mexico.

Jesse’s theatrics have been on the news much of the week here in Minnesota.  Last week, there was a small editorial in our local paper.  Their . . . → Read More: Make Acupuncture a Low Risk Choice

Take Back Main Street

I’m a small business owner; I own and run an acupuncture practice outside of Minneapolis. I’ve been a customer at the same large bank for over 25 years, and have personal accounts, business accounts, merchant services (credit card processing), and credit cards with them. Last month my bank decided to start charging me (their loyal, long-term customer!) a monthly fee on my personal checking account.

I went into the bank to try to point out to a banker what a good customer I have . . . → Read More: Take Back Main Street